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Core Competencies

Telehealth Core Competencies:

  • Hands-on experience in delivering and supporting Telehealth service in Singapore.
  • Deep knowledge of the Singapore hospital operation workflow
  • Direct experience and insights in helping seniors to successfully learn to use our telehealth services.
  • In-house expertise in developing, customizing our telehealth solution to meet the needs of stakeholders.
  • In-house human health coaches to monitor and coach users to use the telehealth services
  • Domain expertise in integrating various made of medical devices and wellness devices.
  • Experienced in HSA policies in handling and registration of medical devices
  • IDA SBO dealer licence holder for communication devices
  • HSA Medical devices importer, wholesaler licence holder.


Medical Device Integration (MDI) and Laboratory Middleware Core Competencies:

  • Hands-on experience in implementing Medical Device Integration projects.
  • Expertise in customised mounting solutions
  • Deep understanding of hospital requirements
  • Domain expertise in integrating all hospital medical devices