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Corporate Profile

ABOUT myHealth Sentinel
myHealth Sentinel is Singapore’s first commercial provider of ‘managed Telehealth Services’. The company was formed to answer the government’s call for public-private partnerships to develop innovative new solutions that help address the healthcare needs of its rapidly ageing society. The team is helmed by seasoned technology and healthcare professionals with proven experience in developing and operating service businesses.


mHS (myHealth Sentinel) is a Singapored-based health IT SME, specializing in the delivery of Medical Data Connectivity (MCS) solutions for public and private healthcare systems. Our range of services /solutions are built on 3 distinct and award-winning platforms i.e.:

  • TeleMetrix+ (TM+) Telehealth platform. A locally developed, cloud-based, remote patient monitoring system which is offered as a simple B2B2C subscription service to hospitals, GP clinics, nursing homes and corporations interested in adding telehealth capabilities to their own suite of services/products
  • Medical Device Integration (MDI). mHS offers the healthcare industry’s top-ranked middleware solution for interconnecting the array of medical devices within hospitals to their Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems
  • Laboratory Middleware. mHS is representing Data Innovations (DI), the world’s largest, most successful clinical and blood laboratory middleware provider.