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TeleMetrix+ Telehealth Service at National University Health

“We’ve been approached by many companies in the past, and they say, ‘Oh, you can use your smartphones, computers and apps and connect to these devices, but it’s all very complicated. Our elderly patients will not be able to cope with this kind of technology,” Assoc Prof James Yip reveals. The team’s solution is fairly straightforward. Patients with hypertension, heart failure or diabetes would be sent home with a Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure set, weighing scale or glucometer. Reproduced with permission from the National University Health System

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The need of Telehealth education

What is TeleMetrix+? How it works?

TeleMetrix+ is the first Telehealth service which has been deployed Singapore. It enables patients to capture their biometric readings e.g. Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Body weight, Body Temperature, Blood Oxygen, at the comfort of home and this information is easily accessible remotely by the doctor, family caregivers and patient online.


Proven Stakeholder Benefits

  • Allows doctors to easily and remotely monitor more patients, without increasing workload.
  • Ideal for chronic care patients. Engages patients in own care, improves patient compliance to treatment plans.
  • Encourages patients to take responsibility for own health, leading to better health outcomes
  • Reduces need to visit clinic for simple routine check-ups. Saves time and hassle
  • Gives patients peace-of-mind knowing their doctors are able to ‘watch over them’ at home
  • Enables family caregivers to more actively participate in monitoring the health and lifestyle of their ageing parents.

The need of education

Telehealth is very new to all stakeholders, patients, caregivers, and medical providers. Nurses are at the frontline of medical care and it is in the excellent position in educating the patients and caregivers.

NYP-HIMSS Center of Excellence is great place to prepare student nurses ready in the new era.

Educating the medical provider is key to the success Student nurses get the first hand experience of TeleMetrix+ Telehealth service as part of their study. This shall equip them for the real environment deployment of Telehealth.

As the developer of the TeleMetrix+ service, the NYP-HIMSS COE also act as test environment to visualize care delivery improvements before it is implemented in a real care setting.

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mHS Featured in the Singapore Business Review!

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mHS receives $1.1 Million in New Funding

Telehealth Service Provider, myHealth Sentinel, receives $1.1 million in new funding to fuel growth.

15 Jan 2013 — myHealth Sentinel Pte Ltd (mHS), a Singapore-based company, announced today it has secured S$1.1 million new funding. This brings the overall capitalization of the company to almost S$2.6 million. mHS plans to use the proceeds to fund new projects in 2013 and to diversify into new related Consumer and Corporate Wellness services.
Founded in 2011, myHealth Sentinel, a pioneering Telehealth service provider, launched TeleMetrix+ (TM+) its flagship ‘cloud-based’ telehealth service in Jan 2012. TM+ is designed to help medical service providers to multiply the productivity of their finite resources to better manage the surging incidence of chronic diseases in Singapore’s rapidly ageing society.
“This successful new round of funding shows that investors are confident in both the potential of telehealth and in myHealth Sentinel as its leading proponent, to play major roles in the transformation of the healthcare system, as it shifts its focus from episodic fee-for-service care, to a more holistic, preventative care model” said Mr. William Chew, Managing Director of myHealth Sentinel.

About myHealth Sentinel:
myHealth Sentinel (mHS) is Singapore’s first home grown, commercial service provider of cloud-based telehealth services in SE Asia. mHS was founded by a group of Singaporean entrepreneurs with extensive expertise and experience in IT and business.
More details of mHS can be found at

mHS attracts S$2.65m working capital injection to fuel growth

myHealth Sentinel Attracts S$2.65m Working Capital Injection to Fuel Its Growth in Medical Device Connectivity Field

myHealth Sentinel Pte Ltd (mHS), a leader in the emerging field of medical device connectivity, announced today that it has received a S$2.65 million working capital injection from a group of private investors to fund its growing pipeline of new projects in 2014 and 2015.

Based in Singapore, myHealth Sentinel was recently selected by Jurong Health to implement a Medical Device Integration (MDI) solution for 2 new hospitals i.e. Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital. In addition, mHS has established partnerships with National University Hospital and the Frontier Health Group to deploy remote patient monitoring services to their chronic care outpatients. A collaboration with a major telco to launch an innovative new telehealth-based consumer wellness service is also being scheduled for launch in Q2 2014.
“This working capital injection brings the total amount of working capital raised to S$5.4M, which will enable us to substantially expand our project delivery and support capabilities to better serve our growing pool of MDI and Telehealth customers in Singapore and the SEA region,” said Mr. William Chew, Managing Director and co-founder of myHealth Sentinel.

About myHealth Sentinel:
myHealth Sentinel (mHS) a Singapore-based company, was formed in early 2011, to focus on providing networked-based solutions that aggregate, filter and integrate patient device data with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems.
mHS offers two industry-leading solutions which are essential to feed patient device data from across the healthcare ecosystem to the EMR’s:
“TeleMetrix+” (TM+) is the first cloud-based commercial Telehealth service in Singapore. TM+ is developed and owned by mHS
“iSirona” (now a division of “NantHealth”) is the #1 ranked Medical Device Integration solution for hospitals in the USA.
These two complementary solutions, combined with mHS’ networking and system integration expertise, uniquely position mHS at the forefront of the field of healthcare device data integration in Asia.
Recently mHS was recognized in the Singapore Excellence Awards 2013, for “Enabling Technology- Telehealth” by respected industry technology analysts “Frost and Sullivan”.

More details of mHS can be found at