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The need of Telehealth education

What is TeleMetrix+? How it works?

TeleMetrix+ is the first Telehealth service which has been deployed Singapore. It enables patients to capture their biometric readings e.g. Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Body weight, Body Temperature, Blood Oxygen, at the comfort of home and this information is easily accessible remotely by the doctor, family caregivers and patient online.


Proven Stakeholder Benefits

  • Allows doctors to easily and remotely monitor more patients, without increasing workload.
  • Ideal for chronic care patients. Engages patients in own care, improves patient compliance to treatment plans.
  • Encourages patients to take responsibility for own health, leading to better health outcomes
  • Reduces need to visit clinic for simple routine check-ups. Saves time and hassle
  • Gives patients peace-of-mind knowing their doctors are able to ‘watch over them’ at home
  • Enables family caregivers to more actively participate in monitoring the health and lifestyle of their ageing parents.

The need of education

Telehealth is very new to all stakeholders, patients, caregivers, and medical providers. Nurses are at the frontline of medical care and it is in the excellent position in educating the patients and caregivers.

NYP-HIMSS Center of Excellence is great place to prepare student nurses ready in the new era.

Educating the medical provider is key to the success Student nurses get the first hand experience of TeleMetrix+ Telehealth service as part of their study. This shall equip them for the real environment deployment of Telehealth.

As the developer of the TeleMetrix+ service, the NYP-HIMSS COE also act as test environment to visualize care delivery improvements before it is implemented in a real care setting.

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