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myHealth Sentinel Launches the First Telehealth Big Data Analytics – myQ Decision Support


myHealth Sentinel Launches the First Telehealth Big Data Analytics – myQ Decision Support

myHealth Sentinel (mHS), a leading cloud-based Telehealth Service Provider, is delighted to announce the launch of its Telehealth analytic product “myQ Decision Support”. This is the result of a partnership with “QSpectral Systems an Australian based data science company delivering innovative analytics for industry.

“myQ Decision Support” (mQDS) is being offered as a value-added option for mHS’ “TeleMetrix+” (TM+) telehealth service. mQDS enables clinicians to leverage machine learning and AI-powered analytics to the biometric data being collected by TM+. This will permit more comprehensive clinical insights to better tailor, management and provide predictive indicators for patients at risk for early intervention.
Implementation of mQDS involves the development of custom analytic models designed to determine the probability of specific clinical outcomes and rank their urgency. TM+ data, together with multiple other sources of patient clinical data can be blended to enhance the predictive accuracy of the mQDS analytic models.
“mQDS is the next step-up the value chain for our growing base of clients” said Mr. William Chew, Managing Director and co-founder of myHealth Sentinel, “by enabling them to derive actionable clinical insights from the valuable body of data being generated by our TM+ services.

About myHealth Sentinel:
mHS is a young and fast-growing Singapore-based HealthTech company focused on providing industry-leading Healthcare Connectivity Solutions (HCS), which interconnect clinicians, patients and IT systems with patient data across the healthcare ecosystem. The mHS team is helmed by seasoned technology professionals with several decades of proven management experience.
More details of mHS can be found at http://www.myhealthsentinel.com.

About QSpectral:
QSpectral is a data science company, specialising in providing strategy and intelligence through mathematical modelling, data science and analytics. Our multi-disciplinary company comprises of research, data science and clinical expertise and ongoing collaborations with major universities. This unique team enables us to provide meaningful and innovative solutions for healthcare.
More details about QSpectral can be found at http://www.qspectral.com.au