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TeleMetrix+ (TM+) Telehealth Service by mHS
telemetrixTeleMetrix+ is the first commercial cloud based telehealth service that enables patient vital signs, such as blood pressure, blood sugar, weight and temperature to be remotely monitored and tracked by your doctor in the comfort of your home. TeleMetrix+ is ideal for chronic care patients. It also benefits the patient’s family caregivers who can easily view their parents’ health data and take appropriate action when required.

Singapore’s First Managed Telehealth Subscription Service
Designed specifically for Medical Service Providers (MSP)
Complete end-to-end ‘managed’ service. All biometric devices, infrastructure, reports, patient monitoring, support, training included.
Simple flat rate monthly subscription fee. No IT investment, support or maintenance costs.
Robust cloud-based SaaS architecture.
Trained Health Success Executives assigned to train and coach MP’s and patients
Device-agnostic, open standards telehealth platform.
NEHR standards-compliant

TeleMetrix+ offers a range of wireless biometric devices to measure health vital signs such as blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, etc. Health data from these devices are automatically uploaded over wireless gateways to myHealth Sentinel’s TeleMetrix+ cloud-based platform. Patients’ health data can easily be viewed and shared by doctors, patients and their family caregivers using a wide range of smartphones/tablets and PCs.

TeleMetrix+ offers significant benefits for all healthcare stakeholders:

  • Medical Practitioners
  • Expands the range of value-added patient services medical practitioners can offer to patients
  • Enables medical practitioners to handle a much greater number of patients with enhanced levels of diagnostic oversight.
  • Allows medical practitioners to serve patients located out of their geographic location, even overseas.

Patients no longer have to make time-consuming visits to their doctor for routine diagnostic measurements and yet can still enjoy the peace-of-mind in knowing that their conditions are being medically monitored in the comfort of their own home by their doctor.

Family Caregiver
Empowers family caregivers who are concerned about the health of their loved ones or ageing parents and need a way to easily monitor their condition and take action when required.

The automatic capturing and online storage of patient biometric data advances the government’s initiative to create a nation-wide network of standardized electronic patient health records.