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Sustainability at mHS

Business Sustainability Plan


Unique Market Position

Uniquely position as the only total ICO (Integrated healthcare Organization) data connectivity service and solution provider.

Positioning mHS as the only enabler of healthcare IT solutions (MDI and Telehealth) which simplify the automated collection and processing of data from the hundreds of medical devices spread across the extended healthcare ecosystems: Hospitals, Rehab Care, Acute Care, GP clinics, Nursing Care and Home Care.

Innovation of products and services

Continuous innovation is key to the success in health IT. All innovations must come with the objective to make the life of all users easier. Solutions must be simple to use and ease the works of the users. Changing of workflow or users habit must be avoided or minimised.

The unique positioning is supported by customised mounting solutions for MDI projects and customised telehealth service for B2B partners e.g. hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and telco carriers.

The USP – Human Touch

Human touch is critical in all implementations. Partners are not left alone to fight the battle. Full support of Customer Service on site to support partners in implementation, backend tracking and backroom support to ensure successful operations of the services.

Growth with market trends – Ageing Population

Global ageing in most society leads to increase in demand of healthcare services, this ensure the continuous growth in mHS business.

Growth via Regional Expansion

Healthcare sectors in neighbouring countries are also looking at using IT to enhance healthcare services, mHS should take advantage of this trends to extend its business to south east Asia countries in 2015 and beyond.

The regional expansion is through adoption of strategic alliance with local partners/agents to deliver our service to customers.

Brand Equity

With competition heating up in Singapore and the region for Telehealth and MDI services, we need to grow our brand equity instead of price cutting to win customers. These can be done by building reputable track record in service implementation, excellent after sales support, relationship management. Continue to be media friendly to attract more publicity coverage, branding on all mounting solutions deployed in hospitals, branding on all medical devices distributed, produce videos with an emotional touch to maximise viral effect on social media.

Regional Medical Device Registration

To find / confirm the process of medical device registration as ASEAN is using a common standard for registration.